On-demand Performance Improvement Capability Building

Traditional Training meets Web 3.0 and Social Media

Your company has reduced its workforce to to a state of equilibrium to anticipated demand, and productivity is at levels not seen since the peak of the economic expansion. As new customer requirements emerge, new products must be designed or existing products redesigned and processes must also go through their evolution.

As this redefined workforce takes up these new challenges, it must either acquire new skills or refresh skills it hasn’t used since the last turning point in its businesses. However managers have little to no room in stressed workers’ responsibilities to introduce the added task of sitting in a class room.

How can you introduce new skills or up‐skill when you have such limitations on available time? The old model of sending employees to class for days at a time cannot be employed., and the attempt to solve the riddle with on‐line, computer based training delivers little or no return on investment. The paradigm must be shattered.

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