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Cincinnati Bell

Gerald A.Sparkman
"We chose Six Sigma Qualtec because of their business experience, process improvement expertise and renowned leadership in this industry."

Cincinnati Bell choose Six Sigma Qualtec because of their business experience, process improvement expertise and renowned leadership in this industry. They were referred to us by (3) different former colleagues who were all thrilled with their experience with them. This partnership has certainly paid off for us. Their leading edge program development, training and coaching support enabled us to achieve a 3 to 1 ROI the first year of our program. Their relationship manager and trainers proved to be best in class leaders through their ability to customize and or develop new programs to meet both our short and long term goals. As a result of this partnership, we have exceeded expectations in achieving both financial and cultural enrichment goals.


Max Gordon|
"If I had to do it all over again I would spend exactly the same money, and do it exactly the same way! We have gotten over $20 million dollars in savings in two years of using Six Sigma Qualtec's services!"

Owens Corning

Working together, Six Sigma Qualtec and Owens Corning saved almost $11.5 million in hard savings over the first two years, implementing several rounds of training and mentoring for Six Sigma deployments across five separate lines of business on four continents. SSQ helped them to use the common language of Six Sigma to communicate and improve on the way they do business; Owens Corning is currently in its ninth round of training Black Belts and Green Belts, evolving beyond standard curriculum, and working with Six Sigma Qualtec to customize training materials to meet their internal business and cultural needs. SSQ also helped the company achieve self-sufficiency in key areas such as Champion training, project selection training, Six Sigma awareness training, and many mentoring tasks.

Provident Financial Group - Provident Bank

Cathy Ernst, Senior Vice President
"We're obtaining an amazing new level of information that we've never had before."

There is, without a doubt, a considerable lack of meaningful data within the financial industry. It is inherent to the business. That's the real challenge – learning how to measure performance, understanding what the real data is, and discovering how to capture it. Our success so far is due largely to the fact that we're capturing data we've never captured before. We are now applying this new information in our strategic planning process.
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HSBC Americas

Jon Theuerkauf
Managing Director of Quality
"SSQ has served as a reliable compass in this voyage, making sure the ships and her crew were heading in the right direction"

SSQ provided the technical expertise required, the openness to challenge their own paradigms about how things have to be done, and the experience in a transaction environment like HSBC Americas. From the beginning they provided the "maps" to navigate the waters of the journey, as well as the specific trainers, and the tools and manuals to teach the rest of the crew. They helped the Captains in all aspects of the journey And soon the guidance was paying off.

IDEX Corporation

John McMurray
"SixNet Intelligence has provided IDEX with the essential Six Sigma Project Tracking, Knowledge Management and Executive reporting that we need to fully realize the potential of Six Sigma in our organization."

IDEX called on Six Sigma Qualtec to help it institute more effective process management policies at its plants in four countries across North America and Europe. SSQ helped establish a change management culture; it also led the effort to standardize workflow, metrics and capabilities, so that IDEX could better identify and meet its customers’ requirements on a worldwide basis. Beginning in 2001, Six Sigma Qualtec helped IDEX move to independency within two years, training eight master Black Belts, three waves of Black Belts and six waves of Green Belts and gaining a 388% return on its investment.

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General Electric
Heller Financial
Liberty Insurance
Lockheed Martin
McLeod USA
Owens Corning
Pilkington Group
Royal Dutch Shell
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Williams Energy

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