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Six Sigma Qualtec is committed to helping clients drive superior business results. Master Black Belts are instrumental in maximizing the impact of any Six Sigma initiative.

Six Sigma Qualtec’s Master Black Belt (MBB) Certification meets the evolving needs of today’s businesses. An MBB must place a greater emphasis on meeting specific objectives, achieving dramatic improvements in performance, and producing a demonstrable return on investment.

Our MBB program delivers:

  • Project Management skills to ensure project completion.
  • Advanced tools and capabilities useful in daily activities.
  • Mentoring skills to achieve results, transfer knowledge more effectively.

The Program

Six Sigma Qualtec will create a customized program to meet your needs.

Master Black Belt candidates are certified after completing their Super Project and the required course work, both of which specifically address your organization’s goals. The training duration varies but includes 13-19 days of instruction over a period of 6-12 months.

The two primary components of the MBB Certification:

  1. Individual MBB Candidate Mentoring: the personalized review of prerequisite credentials, the Super Project, and the evaluation and certification of teaching and mentoring; and

  2. Advanced Study Options: the classroom instruction portion of the program. Mentorship and Project Management Skills

MBB candidates will mentor several individuals who are working on Six Sigma projects or other problem solving efforts. Six Sigma Qualtec’s instructors evaluate their mentoring abilities using defined criteria to measure the breadth and development of these skills. A positive evaluation will earn the candidate a mentorship certification.

Advanced Study

MBB candidates must complete at last three of the following:

  • Design for Six Sigma - DFSS
  • Leveraging Customer Intelligence –VOC and QFD
  • Lean Training
  • Advanced Topics –DOE and Statistics
  • Advanced Transactional Skill Set
  • Successful Mentoring

A broad selection of additional course work - such as "Project Management" and "Leadership Skills?"– is also available for incorporation into an MBB training program. The SSQ Learning Center will work individually with clients to review and/or develop a curriculum that meets your organization’s needs.

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