Quality Management System (QMS) Solutions

We Can Help You Design and Deploy an Effective Quality Management System, quickly and cost-effectively ...

Qualtec has developed a method that allows for your QMS to be developed in record time, and for a very "value added" cost,. We refer to it as VAQM or Value Added Quality Management. Qualtec  will develop your QMS according to your special circumstances, pulling together the method from Six Sigma, Process Auditing and Lean Manufacturing. We stand behind the idea that "Quality is a Trait" and  that is present in every aspect of our business.... and we stand behind our work with an ROI guarantee and a warranty on our service.

In an average of 9 months we can take your situation and develop a plan and implement a lean, effective QMS based on the VAQM methodology. This is a proprietary method that no other consultants can offer. Qualtec offers the following solutions within their QMS development umbrella to meet your needs:

  • QMS structure development 
  • QMS Documentation Creation 
  • Registrar management and interface
  • Existing QMS trouble shooting and consulting


Practical and Flexible Approach to QMS Development

We provide the means to achieve alignment between your quality aspirations, and your current reality. With a focused modular curriculum and customized approach, we can build or troubleshoot your QMS for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, regardless of your current situation. With a focus on the bottom line and a strong Lean core, we take the administrative overhead out of the QMS and utilize the current business processes you already engage in to meet the requirements of ISO certification, thus achieving alignment between the requirements of ISO, and the fiscal excellence of your business.

Qualtec is not like traditional consultants, we deliver on the floor solutions that show real fiscal bottom line savings for your individual business and it's QMS activities. Whether you need a Total Ground up Deployment, QMS improvement or auditor training, Qualtec has the tools to help you out of whatever your unique situation may be.  From the ground up or the inside out, we deliver the results that drive your business forward. Our QMS solution includes:

  • Initial remote consultation with your facility
  • Initial Construction of the Quality Manual
  • Initial identification of your processes (Core, Support and Management)
  • On site finalization of your process prior to your initial readiness review
  • Auditor training and full on site internal audit prior to your certification audit

QMS Design for Functional Deployment

A Step-by-step Guide to QMS Creation and Success

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