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Designing a product and designing services have many similarities but also key differences.  Both need clean VOC, clear definition of CTQs, stakeholder input and intelligent tollgates.  But the differences in the design process for the two are far greater.  And those differences are defined by the nature of products versus the nature of services. 

Imagine how difficult it is to know if you have the right design if you’re struggling with repeatability and storability.  And you really aren’t sure how to measure quality since the customer’s experience of an outcome is the final test.  And imagine what happens to multi-generational planning when you have to factor in how difficult it is to maintain your moat of defensibility for a new service without the right of a patent.

In the end, you essentially have to nearly start over when building your design process for a service.  At Qualtec, we’ve built a new design process or roadmap and established a set of tools to support each step of the way. 

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