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Enterprise-Wide Performance Improvement

We See the Big Picture

Qualtec helps companies implement an efficient and effective operating plan to achieve their strategic vision. We do so by first defining key stakeholder requirements, core process capabilities and any resulting performance gaps. We then arm the organization with the knowledge, methodologies, and tools to close those gaps, and sustain improved performance levels going forward.

Our Structured Approach

We help your organization develop the internal skills, knowledge and infrastructure to improve and sustain your performance gains. Our approach begins by clearly defining your customer needs, and it ends with a management system that allows you to constantly measure and report progress toward your desired results.

Desired Business Results


Align your business processes with customer needs.

Customer Requirements

Compare baseline to expectations.

Key Business Processes

Determine method appropriate for improvements.

Lean Methods

Streamline your processes.

Lean Six Sigma

Reduce defects and increase profits.

Six Sigma DMAIC

Reduce variation in process performance.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Redesign and create new processes.

Build Supporting Infrastructure With

• Leadership training

• Communications training

• Human Resources planning

• Financial planning

Sustain Performance Improvements

Manage, support and maintain operational excellence

• Business Process Management is the backbone for continuous performance measurement, management and improvement.

Critical Success Factors

Six Sigma Qualtec has found over many deployments that five critical elements must exist to achieve the breakthrough improvements that Six Sigma can deliver.

Up-Front Planning

Senior Management Commitment

High-Quality, Full-Time Black Belts

Metric System
Monitoring ROI

Effective Project Selection