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What is Lean ... Basic Lean Principles

Simply stated, Lean is about achieving more with less. Lean is a set of tools and concepts that focuses on the VELOCITY at which your products and services PROFITABLY go from customer request to customer fulfillment.  It focuses on eliminating the barriers to flow of materials and information, eliminating waste operations and materials and promotes simplification of processes, pulling work through the operation at the rate of CUSTOMER need.


Through the effective implementation of Lean and Lean principles, you increase the speed and ease of providing products and services to your customers by:

  • Simplifying process steps and eliminating non-value added activities

  • Eliminating waste in time, materials, and expenses

  • Remove barriers that impede the flow of material, information, and decisions

Lean for Manufacturing
increases include:

Lean for Service Industries increases include:

While Reducing:

While Reducing:

Key Lean Principles

  • Map and and streamline your value stream all the way to the customer (VSM, Spaghetti charts, workflows,  layouts)

  • Organizing the workplace (5S)

  • Eliminating Waste (7 Elements of Waste) and reducing cycle time and cost

  • Preventing disruptions to flow by incorporating mistake-proofing techniques

  • Optimizing maintenance operations (TPM)

  • Controlling processes (KPIs, SPC)