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SSQ Delivers a Practical, Workshop Approach to Lean Process Improvement and Lean Training that Drives Fast Results ...

With our practical and targeted approach to Lean Process and Methodology, Qualtec will help you deliver business-critical bottom-line results quickly and cost-effectively, develop proven internal capability to maintain and accelerate the gains, and set a solid foundation for advanced capabilities like Lean Six Sigma training or Design for Six Sigma training. 


Our approach to Lean Training is straight-forward, highly effective, and consistently delivers bottom-line results because:

  • It uses a lean workshop approach that effectively blends project execution with Lean training.

  • It stresses correct selection and scoping of high-value, quick impact lean projects

  • The lean projects deliver measurable, bottom-line results in weeks, not months or years

  • It uses a very practical approach Lean tools, focusing on those that are highly accessible and can be applied to the widest range of real business problems

  • As the cornerstone of a Lean program, it can be tightly configured to your specific business problems and requirements


Can SSQ's Unique Approach to Lean Training Help You?

  • Lean Projects Deliver fast results. Do you need to take corrective action now that gets quick results and an immediate ROI?

  • Reduce cycle times and reduce costs. Do current processes take too long and cost too much?

  • Reduce Complexity. Is unnecessary complexity in processes resulting in defects or unnecessary cost?

  • Do more with less. Do you need to get more work done with fewer resources?

  • Solid Foundation for a results-driven continuous improvement program. Have you’ve tried Six Sigma or other approaches in the past, and just didn’t get the results you expected?

  • Employee Engagement. Do you want to engage a broad population in process improvement activities?

  • Respond to customers. Are you customers demanding higher levels of service, and/or lower cost?


Let Us Help You ...

Six Sigma Qualtec offers a complete, end-to-end Lean solution for getting your organization the revenue gains, streamlined cost structure, greater market share, and improved customer loyalty that comes from successfully implementing process improvement and a Lean program throughout your organization. 


  • We have a proven track record of designing and executing Lean training programs that consistently get results in a wide variety of industries including Logistics and Supply Chain, Energy and Utilities, Mining and Resources, and Financial Services. 

  • We have a complete, end-to-end suite of training and consulting products and Services for Lean AND all other aspects of business performance and process improvement

  • We have extensive experience and products and services tailored for transactional and service oriented businesses, as well as traditional manufacturing.

  • Our product development organization allows us to efficiently and effectively tailor lean training programs and content to your specific business requirements

  • We are lean training, lean consulting, and overall process improvement specialists.  We know how to effectively integrate Lean with a broader process improvement program that consistently delivers results

Let Qualtec's proven approach to Lean Training help you deliver fast, consistent bottom line results ...