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ISSSP Leadership Conference Workshops Provide a Broad Perspective on the Current State of Six Sigma SSQ presented several of the conference’s featured workshops, and this month’s newsletter provides a digest of those sessions, along with links to additional materials and information.

ISSSP Powerpoint Presentations Included

Deployment Approach - From Initialization to Self-Sufficiency
Transactional Black Belts are Different!
Beyond Six Sigma: A Holistic Approach to improving Business Results

Deployment Approach - From Initialization to Self-Sufficiency

In this presentation, Six Sigma Qualtec will share the critical factors we have discovered through our deployment approach. Learn about these vital few factors and how to structure them to assure that your Six Sigma implementation will achieve excellent results on an ongoing basis. If you have already begun a Six Sigma improvement effort, learn how you can increase the predictability and the results from your existing implementation.
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Transactional Black Belts are Different! Six Sigma in Service and Transaction Environments

Transactional Black Belts often encounter situations where processes are not defined, so they must first define and re-design a process – in a distinctly different way from a manufacturing setting. For project selection in service or transactional environments, cycle time has proven to be a more useful overall measure than defect counts. Additionally, making changes is often more complicated in a human environment, as opposed to the more reversible machine- or material-related environments. Learn more about the unique challenges faced by Transactional Black Belts and how a successful training program will positively impact your business results.
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Beyond Six Sigma: A Holistic Approach to Improving Business Results

Pete Robustelli, Executive Vice President, Six Sigma Qualtec
What do organizations need to do to expand their Six Sigma deployment beyond traditional implementation strategies? Six Sigma, once established in an organization, can act as a springboard to a broader range of performance improvement opportunities. However, many companies that are satisfied with the project results from Six Sigma may be missing out on these wider opportunities to drive more substantial business results.
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