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Excellence in Healthcare with Lean Six Sigma

This 9-page whitepaper discusses the application of Lean Six Sigma in the Healthcare industry. The roles Lean Six Sigma can play in Healtcare as well as some success stories are presented.

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History of Six Sigma

This short 10-slide powerpoint provides an overview of the history of Six Sigma, tracing its roots from the "normal curve" to GE's global promotion and beyond.

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Changing the Compliance Formula .. and Improving Competitiveness

An executive brief that discusses the importance of basic process management and improvement discipline for effectively and efficiently managing compliance requirements and the risks associated with those requriements.

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Design Basics - QFD Overview

A high-level overview of QFD and how it can be applied to drive good, customer-focused designs by aligning technical / product / service requirements with real customer requirements.

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VOC Deployment and Maturity Model

A Powerpoint presentation that provides a framework for a 5-level Voice of the Customer (VOC) capability maturity model, with examples of actions that might be undertaken at each level in the progression.

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SIPOC as a Starting Point for Process Improvement

A short Powerpoint presentation that provides a good overview of SIPOCs, how they should be used, and a 12-step process for building one. Examples and templates are provided to help guide usage.

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Lean for Service Operations - It really is Different ...

A Powerpoint overview of Lean as applied in a services or transactional environment. Distinct differences are highlighted

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Quality Management System(QMS) Design for Functional Deployment

A step-by-step guide to creating a Quality Managment System (QMS). The first in a series.

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Driving Value Through Operational Excellence

This 7-page Executive brief lays out a more detailed framework for operational governance and improvement. It presents a proven and easy-to-understand approach to driving real value from Operational Excellence initiatives, in terms of real ROI.

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Operational Governance

A short powerpoint presentation that presents a practical, realistic approach to making operational excellence work. Provides a simple roadmap that can be applied effectively, no matter what tools or methodology are used

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Service Blueprinting

A short powerpoint presentation that discusses a customer-centric approach to service design, and the application of Service Blueprinting

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Lean at an Operations Level for Internal Service and Backoffice Functions

A short powerpoint presentation that provides an overview of our approach for applying lean and basic quality tools at an operations level to rapidly reduce costs, minimize wasteful and inefficient activities, and improve service delivery performance for internal service functions like HR, finance, customer service, IT, supply chain, marketing, sales, etc.

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Best Practices in Project Selection and Definition

Project identification and definition is the key to getting fast and reliable results from your business improvement efforts. This Powerpoint presentation presents an overview of a 6-step process for identifying and defining impactful projects

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Lean Primer Kit

Contains Lean and CI overview presentation, detailed "Learning Lean" whitepaper, project template, and other resources

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The Heat is on for 3PLs - Changing the Game and Gaining Competitive Advantage

A short executive brief that discusses the growing importance of a visible and impactful Continuous Improvement program for companies whose business success revolves around efficient and effective warehousing and distribution operations - namely Third-party Logistics providers (3PL).
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Defining Differences for Lean Six Sigma in the Services Environment

A new white paper that discusses how Lean Six Sigma for a services environment differs from a traditional manufacturing environment.
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10 Essential Do's and Don'ts for a Six Sigma Deployment

A new executive brief that discussses 10 essential things you can do to make your Six Sigma deployment successful, and 10 things you should not do that increase the risk of under-performance or outright failure. .
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The Importance of Project Selection - Why Process Improvement Efforts Falter and How to Assure Success and Sustainability

A new executive brief that discussses how project selection (or lack thereof) can be a key reason why project improvement initiatives falter, or fail outright., and what can be done about it. .
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Use Scorecards as Part of BPM - Align Performance Improvement Initiatives with Corporate Goals

Performance Improvement initiatives must meet the more rigorous examination for effectiveness that every corporate initiative faces today. To do so, companies must align activities to corporate objectives by tightly integrating business scorecards with the improvement project selection process. This executive brief is intended to explain why and how.
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Business Process Management (BPM) - A Structured Approach to Delivering Customer Value

A Powerpoint presentations that provides a basic overview of Business Process Management (BPM) and a 3 step approach to implementation. Includes examples of results from successful implementations and possible implementation sequences for 3 different scenarios.
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Six Sigma and ROI

A short executive brief in which John Lopez-ona, Qualtec's President, answers 4 key questions around Six Sigma efforts and Return On Investment (ROI):
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Learning About Lean

An executive brieft that provides a detailed overview of Lean, emphasizing its focus on 7 different elements of waste and how decreasing waste can increase overall value. Discusses some of the basic tools of lean as well. A good overview for organizations that are looking at Lean as a way to improve efficiency and reduce cost.
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Lean Quickstart - A Practical overview of what Lean is, how you can get started, what to expect, and how it fits with other improvement methodologies

An powerpoint presentation that provides an overview of Lean, emphasizing its focus on 7 different elements of waste and how decreasing waste can increase overall value. Discusses some of the basic tools of lean as well. A good overview for organizations that are looking at Lean as a way to improve efficiency and reduce cost.
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On-demand Performance Improvement Capability Building - Traditional Training meets Web 3.0 and Social Media

How can you introduce new skills or up‐skill when you have such limitations on available time? The old model of sending employees to class for days at a time cannot be employed., and the attempt to solve the riddle with on‐line, computer based training delivers little or no return on investment. The paradigm must be shattered.
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The Front Line- Yellow Belts Play Crucial Role in Sustaining Six Sigma Efforts

A Six Sigma deployment is most successful when workers throughout the organization, not only Black Belts, are properly trained and prepared to address process issues from a statistical point of view.
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