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Lean Methods


Fundamentals of Lean for Services or Manufacturing


Train process owners in Lean methods that increase the speed and ease of providing products and services to their customers.

  • Simplifying process steps and eliminating non-value added activities
  • Eliminating wastes in time, materials and expenses (through out the organization)
  • Removing barriers that impede the flow of material, information and decisions

You Will Learn To:

  • Recognize and prioritize opportunities for Lean
  • Assess/quantify the impact of Lean improvements on enterprise performance & profitability
  • Utilize basic Lean improvement concepts including:
  • Mapping your ‘value stream’ from identification of customer need to customer delivery
  • Organizing the workplace / 5S
  • Maintaining visible operations that are controllable. (No hidden activity or cost)
  • Eliminating waste and reducing cycle time (time and expenses)
  • Identifying and assessing areas that constrain the flow and velocity of products and services
  • Optimizing operational flexibility to meet customer demands with faster product
  • Preventing disruptions to flow by incorporating ‘mistake-proofing’ technique

Immediate Results:

  • Reduce non-value added activities
  • Eliminate wasted time, materials and expenses
  • Increase speed and output of products and services
  • Improve responsiveness and flexibility to customer requests
  • Integrate Lean activities with Six Sigma and other performance improvement methods
  • Identify constraints and control variation

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The 5 S'
1. Separate/Sort
2. Straighten
3. Scrub/Shine
4. Standardize
5. Spread/Sustain

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