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Business Process Management

BPM Process Owner

Process Owners are employees at many levels throughout an organization who are responsible for a process. They are responsible for decision-making as it relates to that process, for managing a process team, and for maintaining process metrics at the desired levels.

This course requires inputs from the BPM Strategic Planning course or a higher level Process Owner course.

Course Goal

The course is designed to impart process management skills, knowledge and abilities. Aligning with key business processes and focusing on critical customer requirements and desired business results, participants will create a detailed definition of their process and create a Process Management System to assure predictability and stability of their process. They will also learn to manage an effective process support team.

Instruction is application focused, therefore requiring all participants to successfully complete numerous case studies and exercises during the classroom portion of the training. Knowledge transfer is demonstrated by real-time application of skills.

Course Outline

A. Introduction to Business Process Management

B. Critical to Customer Requirements

C. Configuring Business Processes

D. Identifying Key Business Processes

E. Process Characterization

F. Process Mapping Validation

G. Process Performance Decision Making

H. Identifying Data Sources

I. Process Analysis

J. Statistical Process Control

K. Building a Business Process Management Support Organization

L. Foundation for Cost of Poor Quality

M. Introduction to Change Management

N. Knowledge Management

O. Linkage to Other Strategic Initiatives

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