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Business Process Management

BPM Strategic Planning

Strategic decision-making is required in order to transform your organization to a customer-focused process enterprise. Get the skills you need to make the right strategic decisions.

Customer focused process enterprises are created from the top down. Only through executive buy-in and demonstrated understanding can the implementation of business process management skills be successful.

Strategic decision-making is required to prelude the transformation of an organization to a customer-focused process enterprise. Executives, using their agreed upon business vision, mission and strategies and critical to customer requirements, must create a plan to introduce business process management within their organization in the most efficient and effective manner.

Course Goal

This course is designed to establish customer to business alignment, to ensure cross-functional process accountability, and to establish metrics to drive customer satisfaction and business performance.

This will result in increased customer value, lowered costs, increased flexibility to market demands, higher employee satisfaction, better overall business performance, better esprit d'corps and less inter-functional conflict

Session I introduces operational process management knowledge and provides an understanding of the deployment process. Executives will begin the process of identifying and characterizing Key Business Processes. Through alignment of vision and mission and identification of critical success factors; business goals, strategies and objectives will be defined and success metrics identified. Key business processes will be determined. Process metrics will be identified from the perspective of Voice of the Business, Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Process. These metrics will be used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

Generally Session 2 will lag Session I by two to four weeks. During this time the executives, working with their process teams, will validate information about their processes. They will complete provided templates and they will be expected to return and present an overview of their process including key business metric alignment, process goals and targets and identification of gaps between success metrics and process metrics. These gaps will assist in creating business improvement cases and determining an actionable deployment plan for business process management.

Course Outline

Session 1

A. Introduction to Business Process Management
B. Criticality of a Customer Driven Process Enterprise
C. BPM and the People Maturity Model
D. From Concept to Reality
E. Creating alignment
F. Vision and Mission
G. Critical to Customer Requirements
H. Defining Success Metrics
I. Key Business Processes
J. Reaping the Benefits
K. Transforming the Organization
L. Link to Strategic Initiative

Duration: 2 days

Session 2

A. Report out and validation of Key Business Process definitions
B. Identification of deployment plan

Duration: 1 day

The workshop will be conducted in two sessions separated by two to four weeks.

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