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Business Process Management

BPM Team Member

Business Process Management centers on your ability to accurately identify and deliver the products and services your customer values most. Get the skills that enable you to satisfy your customers' needs.

This course introduces Business Process Management to process team members and enables them to actively participate in the process management process. Application of skills and tool usage will result in monitored and controlled processes that demonstrate increased effectiveness and efficiency as measured by process metrics. Through alignment with business strategic goals and objectives and focus on achieving success metrics, the process metrics are direct indicators of business performance.

Course Goal

The course is designed to enable the process team member to assist in managing and controlling a process, including recognition of an out-of-control process state and the implementation of the appropriate response plan.

Course Outline

A. Introduction to Business Process Management
B. Critical to Customer Requirements
C. Configuring Business Processes
D. Key Business Processes and Work Processes
E. Process Mapping
F. Data
G. Statistical Process Control
H. Building a Process Management System
I. Root Cause Analysis
J. XY Matrix
K. Failure Modes and Effect Analysis
L. Graphical Data Analysis
M. Mistake Proofing
N. Basic Statistics

Your Desired
Business Results

Achieving business results means hearing the voice of your customer and providing the solutions they need.