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BPM Overview Presentation

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management (BPM) is an enterprise-wide, structured approach to meeting your goals and providing the products and services your customers value most.

By understanding the key business processes your company uses to meet these needs, the gap between customer expectations and your ability to perform begins to emerge. Processes that are inefficient or ineffective in delivering what customers require are clearly identified and targeted for improvement. As the entire organization begins to measure performance in terms of critical, customer-driven requirements, employees no longer think of themselves as functional managers responsible for functional outputs. Instead, they see their roles in the context of a greater, more important goal -- satisfying and creating loyal customers. As process thinkers, they consider the potential impact of their actions and decisions upstream and downstream and ultimately on the company’s ability to deliver what it promises its customers.

Our clients have used Business Process Management to:

Guide Re-organization and Restructuring Decisions

Eliminate non-value-added work and related structure

Maintain Margins Under Competitive Pressure

Identify expense reductions that have minimal impact on the customer experience

Increase Revenue Potential

Create products and services that elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty

Plan and Integrate Acquisitions Quickly

Streamline and integrate processes. Identify operating synergies and adopt best practices

Accelerate Returns on Six Sigma

Select improvement projects based on performance gaps that will have the greatest impact on delivering customer value and generating your desired business results

One vision, one purpose, and a meaningful way to measure everyone’s progress. Business Process Management transforms reactive organizations into innovative leaders – with the speed and agility to anticipate change before the market demands change.

Qualtec's BPM Approach

Strategic Planning

This course is designed to establish customer to business alignment, to ensure cross-functional process accountability, and to establish matrix to drive customer satisfaction and business performance.
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Process Owner

The course is designed to impart process management skills, knowledge and abilities, as well as managing an effective process support team.
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Process Team Member

This course introduces Business Process Management to process team members and enables them to actively participate in the process management process.
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Process Management Improvement and Design

Once customer needs and key business processes are identified, SSQ creates a plan with your company to manage and improve system processes.

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