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Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Six Sigma Qualtec provides Voice of the Customer and QFD consulting and training to companies wishing to enhance their customer facing personnel’s ability to capture and convert customer intelligence into actionable information to improve and/or create new products and services.  

Capturing customer intelligence provides an understanding of the value a customer derives and a company delivers and the critical attributes of each. The defined value proposition is converted to improve the delivered value through product or service alignment to the customer requirements.  It can also be enhanced through process alignment to the product and/or service attributes.

This ability to pinpoint customer value is used to solve customer problems during the design of new products and/or services to promote a clear competitive advantage and eliminate costly product or service failures.

Leveraging customer intelligence is the central focus to grow your business.

Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) Training

Six Sigma Qualtec’s Voice of the Customer training is designed for engineers, product managers, project managers and business development professionals. It is ideal for managers wishing to provide team members critical knowledge to get them “up to speed” or to learn best practices in gathering, understanding and converting the voice of the customer.

Clients who’ve availed themselves of this training in the past have been from a variety of industries including financial services, telecommunications services, transportation services and software to name a few. This course emphasizes knowledge-sharing and participants are encouraged to share their Voice of the Customer challenges.

An interesting application is to hold an in-house class for people from the same product or service team allowing the discussion to focus on issues specific to that group.  We also have targeted courses for B2B service providers as well as half day courses for executives.

VOC Agenda Topics

  • Overview
  • VOC & Value Creation
  • Customer Segments
  • Identifying Customer Needs
  • Gathering Customer Data
  • Analyzing Customer Data
  • Prioritizing Customer Data
  • Translating VOC

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Training

Our QFD course teaches you to deploy the Voice of the Customer throughout the design, production, marketing and delivery of a given product or service by using the House of Quality matrix. Our QFD course can be taught as either a stand-up instruction class or as a workshop that usually includes completing a live House of Quality example. Courses are held in a small group setting and are customized to meet your needs.


Strategic Goals

Your customers needs and values are the beginning point for establishing your strategic goals.

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