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Qualtec establishes Operational Governance systems and processes that are a practical, closed loop system to help our clients effectively execute on strategies and plans. This system leverages concepts in a well-defined sequence to help steer to a clear destination, and make course corrections when necessary.    There are five key stages of SSQ’s operational governance system:

Establish Targeted Effectiveness & Efficiency Measures Translated into Critical to Customer Requirements.  Set customer scorecard and dashboard measures which drive desired results.  The target should balance the business with the customer.  And achievement must be measurable.  Then convert those measures into critical to customer requirements with which to measure core processes.

Visually Depict How Your Organization Delivers Value.  Build appropriate maps to visually depict the value delivered to customers.  This may include Enterprise Value Streams, process maps and/or service blueprints.  Establish measurements for the critical elements of the maps.    

Pursue North to South Alignment.  Cascade the maps down until you have detailed the process where you have a non-performing value.  Align the various process levels to ensure the measures at sub-process levels, if improved, improve higher process measures.

Pursue East to West Alignment.  Remove all white space by ensuring upstream sub-process output measures link to downstream input measures.  The white spaces can be removed by defining the undocumented processes within new processes or by extending the definition of either or both upstream and downstream sub-processes.

Identify Opportunities. Define the gaps using the linked measures.   Identify those performance gaps as opportunities.  Collect them across all the various operational steps. 

And once we help you build your operational governance system, we can train you and/or your staff on the process, and on tools to close critical performance gaps. Offering the combination of consulting and training allows us to offer immediate expertise, near term results and long term independence..

"If I had to do it all over again I would spend exactly the same money, and do it exactly the same way! We have gotten over $20 million dollars in savings in two years of using Qualtec's services!"
- Max Gordon, Navistar

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