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Qualtec helps companies implement an efficient and effective operating plan to achieve their strategic vision. We do so by first analyzing your business goals and stakeholder requirements, and advise you how best to close any performance gaps and establish process controls.
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Our goal for any training is that not only do the participants learn new tools and techniques in the classroom, but they also are able to directly transfer the skills back to their job and achieve verifiable results by applying the new tools and techniques.  This requires that the participants understand what we have taught from an application perspective.  Understanding the materials is generally accomplished by relating it to prior knowledge and also relating it to their current environment.  The participant must see a need for the skills being taught.  Learning is directly influenced by what we know and what we do.  In the SSQ classroom we want to relate what we are teaching to what the student knows, and we want to ensure that each student has a chance to adequately practice the new skills. [Learn more]


Qualtec’s product development process ensures that our products and services meet your requirements. In addition to designing and licensing courseware, SSQ can help you customize and manage your curricula effectively and efficiently. [learn more]

"If I had to do it all over again I would spend exactly the same money, and do it exactly the same way! We have gotten over $20 million dollars in savings in two years of using Qualtec's services!"
- Max Gordon, Navistar

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