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Intellectual Property

Qualtec’s product development process ensures that our products and services meet your requirements. In addition to designing the courseware, SSQ can help you customize and manage your curricula effectively and efficiently. SSQ’s team of experts includes a dedicated staff of senior technologists who divide their time between field research and mentoring field support.

Courseware Design
Materials Licensing
Materials Management

Courseware Design

SSQ’s standard product development process focuses on your needs during the following steps:

  • Analysis and Definition

  • Design and Approval

  • Development

  • Piloting and Formative Testing

  • Implementation and Evaluation

Our finished product includes instructor slides and a companion participant guide, containing all the instructor slide material. With elaboration on key concepts, a table of contents and an index, the participant guide also makes an ideal desk reference.

Our expert team also creates matrixed goals, learned attributes and course objectives that become the criteria for course evaluations. SSQ has adopted Kirkpatrick’s Model to evaluate class participants. Exceptions in any of the evaluation data prompt a review of expected performance levels and reporting criteria.


When you have specific needs not addressed by a standard curriculum, our subject matter experts, instructional and graphics designers can customize the curriculum to meet your requirements and timeline.

We provide 3 levels of product customization:

  • Appearance, logo and jargon changes

  • Content re-sequencing, new topic inclusion, and client-specific case studies and templates

  • Custom re-write of content and integration with existing client materials

Materials Licensing

There are many benefits of licensing the courseware that you are using within your organization, including the ability to:

  • Print materials on demand at a reduced cost

  • Customize materials to incorporate current business goals

  • Re-use course components with other curriculum

Our standard materials license includes all
materials necessary to teach a class:

  • Course Agenda

  • Instructor slides with instructor notes

  • Participant book with index and table of contents

Additional materials included with certain curricula:

  • Artwork for classroom support, e.g. posters

  • Course assessment and answer rubric

  • Instructor and participant data files

Materials Management

Curricula must be maintained. Dealing with errata, example and case study changes, continued customization work, and software updates can be enormously time consuming for your internal staff.

Given our systematic approach to materials management, SSQ can help you keep your curriculum current, without your organization having to deconstruct these learning materials completely to perform necessary edits and updates.

"If I had to do it all over again I would spend exactly the same money, and do it exactly the same way! We have gotten over $20 million dollars in savings in two years of using Qualtec's services!"
- Max Gordon, Navistar

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