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SixNet Intelligence System

With SixNet Intelligence™ System the answers are always within your reach. Relevant reports that instantly show you the strategic and financial impact of your deployment from every angle – in aggregate or by strategic initiative, business unit, project, champion and black belt.

And SixNet Intelligence™ allows you to go one step further. Now as you compare results across your entire organization, you'll quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in your deployment strategy and be able to redirect resources to areas that maximize your return on investment.

Blended eLearning

Six Sigma Qualtec offers both Green Belt and Yellow Belt coursework in an e-learning format. Through a partnership with an external vendor, we provide these products as an adjunct offering to our standard training programs. SSQ will also provide support to candidates enrolled in this e-learning coursework. In general, we do not recommend stand alone e-learning to our customers. SSQ believes in blended e-learning for the true measure of learning is not simply the passing of a test, but it is the demonstrated ability to apply learned concepts and solve real problems.

As a methodology, e-learning can only really add value to the learning experience if it is combined with the action learning events that can only occur in instructor-led settings. Despite all the advances in technology, the classroom environment is still proven to be the best vehicle for adult learning, as participants in the class are able to learn from each other and from shared experiences.

Six Sigma Qualtec provides its clients with real-time availability of our most current training materials through an on-line resource center. In addition to seeing a complete listing of SSQ’s material offerings, each client has access to a company specific web portal housing that company’s licensed materials.

This web service enables the client to download all of the SSQ deployment tools and templates - such as Level 1, Level 2, OJT, Initialization documents and even course content – directly into the classroom. Clients will receive e-mail notifications of updates and be able to download the latest product releases, upgrades and errata of their licensed materials, providing for the most efficient levels of license management and version control.

"If I had to do it all over again I would spend exactly the same money, and do it exactly the same way! We have gotten over $20 million dollars in savings in two years of using Qualtec's services!"

- Max Gordon, Navistar

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