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Business Performance and Process Improvement for Financial Services


Keep The Customer – Understand customers’ needs and provide services to match. That means providing value while exceeding their expectations. Delight your current customers – and position yourself for easily obtaining new ones.

Improve Business Results – It's simple: reduce your costs and increase your margins. That means collapsing the time spent on your processes and minimizing errors. Understand your organization’s critical operations and the processes that drive them. Then develop new and better ways to conduct your business.

Put It All Together – Educate your employees in a new way of thinking about performance improvement – Six Sigma for Financial Services from Six Sigma Qualtec.

Our Approach

Six Sigma Qualtec(SSQ) is unique in the performance improvement industry, providing enterprise-wide training that focuses on overall corporate strategies. An initial assessment is used to map-out specific training and technology needs and to focus implementation on broader corporate objectives. Support continues beyond the training phase, ensuring alignment of all projects and sustainability of process improvements.

Benefits to Your Organization Working With SSQ

  • Reduce operational expenditures and enhance your bottom line.
  • Standardize practices, maximize teamwork and minimize errors, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • We work closely with your project team to identify the problems, then develop and implement continual improve performance solutions.
  • SSQ stands alone in our capability to make your company “Six Sigma Ready” by offering a complete, integrated array of training programs that include Champion, Black Belt, Green and Yellow Belts.

Black Belt Program

Six Sigma for Financial Services leads participants through advanced problem-solving and process analysis techniques relevant to your "real world" business setting. Using specially designed tools based on Six Sigma methodology, Six Sigma Qualtec has developed a proven program that prepares your managers to measure, analyze and improve your work processes.

Your Participants Will:

  • Learn the technical skills required to implement Six Sigma for Financial Services, including decision point analysis, process mapping and simulation modeling.
  • Acquire project management and leadership skills such as developing useful metrics, selecting and managing projects, team leadership and effective change management.
  • Achieve significant and sustained performance improvements in the areas that clients care about most: production, cost, safety, communication, teamwork and other areas.

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SSQ has designed a training program specifically to drive change and improve process performance within financial institutions – including banks, mortgage lenders, leasing and insurance companies.

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