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Course Objectives

SSQ has designed these industry programs specifically to drive change and improve process performance within a specific industry segment.

Our Industry Programs Will Enable Your Organization To:

  • Significantly improved business results using a new Six Sigma methodology specifically designed for services companies
  • Develop proficiency among Black Belts, Green Belts and Yellow Belts with practical tools for maximizing effectiveness in a services environment.
  • Develop a capability for using simulation tools, process mapping, decision point analysis and process management to minimize the risks associated with the improvements typical in a services company situation.
  • Attain proficiency in Minitab and IGrafx software tools.
  • Acquire the leadership and technical skills required to implement Six Sigma, including developing useful metrics, selecting and managing projects, leading teams, and effectively managing change.

Leverage Your Existing Six Sigma Capabilities

Many organizations already hold a wealth of experience gained through previous Six Sigma implementations in their manufacturing and operational functions. Black Belts trained in Six Sigma for Manufacturing – whether by SSQ or other accredited sources – can expand their competencies in service-related applications through SSQ's additional, advanced training: Transactional and Services Skillset for Black Belts.

Transactional and Services Skillset provides certified Black Belts with a heavy emphasis on the "human sciences" of decision-making processes, attitude and opinion measurement and analysis, and behavioral change issues, in addition to additional non-manufacturing metrics and process design tools.
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Transfer of Knowledge — The Strategic Difference

Six Sigma Qualtec is one of the original firms that started the Six Sigma revolution. For more that a decade, our practitioners have been involved in building ground-floor process improvement and Six Sigma at world-class companies. Using a powerful Knowledge Transfer Model, Six Sigma Qualtec provides a rigorous, straight-forward deployment of training and tools to achieve true cultural change within an organization.

Mentoring and Support

Every Black Belt candidate receives extensive support throughout the training process. This includes on-site visits, assistance and monitoring of the candidate’s "real world" project. Six Sigma Qualtec’s training and support services fully equip your people to achieve and sustain improvements to your business long after certification training is completed.

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