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Service businesses and transactional functions within manufacturing operations face unique challenges. In these environments, breakthrough performance improvements require expanded approaches beyond traditional Six Sigma training. Six Sigma Qualtec has developed a propriety program for current Black Belts who need the additional tools and skills to properly Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control in transactional and services processes. This program guides participants to effectively focus the DMAIC methodology on the critical elements of cycle time, process management and decision-making in transactional and service processes.

Transactional and Services Skill Set

Graduates will return to their companies with focused, new problem solving approaches for implementing improvements driving business results. Effectively using cycle time, money and "counts" as the key points of measurement in transactional and services processes, they will learn to build better metrics, apply non-parametric tests, identify where non-normal distributions are most appropriate, and be able to manage the risk inherent in the long change cycles associated with these types of improvements. Process simulations are presented as effective tools for process understanding, to improve project selection and risk management. This new approach to measuring and analyzing leads Black Belts to better decisions and sustained solutions.

Expert Decision Making With Simulation Modeling Seminar

Graduates of the Skill Set seminar are qualified to participate in an additional, advanced five day program: Decision Making with Process Simulation Modeling training. A SSQ Master Instructor leads this seminar and arms participants with a tool set to design and simulate processes, and to run experiments on process design options. This approach ensures project optimization and risk management resulting in lasting success for DMAIC projects.
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