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Introduction to Six Sigma

Based on years of extensive international experience with a broad base of large and small organizations in both manufacturing and service businesses, Six Sigma Qualtec has developed Introduction to Six Sigma – a one-day interactive workshop that helps your organization’s management understand the power of a correctly implemented Six Sigma initiative. In addition to an introduction of the basic principles of Six Sigma, you will explore enlightening case studies and begin the dynamic discussion of how to get started within your organization.

Simply defined, the Six Sigma approach identifies and eliminates defects with a structured, data-driven, problem-solving method of using rigorous data-gathering and statistical analysis.

Six Sigma differs from traditional performance improvement programs in its focus on input variables. While traditional methods depend on measuring outputs and establishing control plans to shield customers from organizational defects, a Six Sigma program demands that problems be addressed at the root level, eliminating the need for unnecessary inspection and rework processes.

About The Course

This one-day interactive hands-on workshop provides participants with an introduction to the basic principles of Six Sigma case examples from successful projects and a discussion on how to get started. Six Sigma Qualtec, working internationally with a broad base of large and small organizations in both manufacturing and service processes, has developed a proven approach to success. The application of these successful techniques will be the focus of the symposium.

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