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Six Sigma for Finance

This seminar is designed for your organization’s Finance team, introducing them to Six Sigma, the metrics to be tracked in projects, how they can support the projects, and how they can audit and substantiate the project results.

Course Overview

Six Sigma for Finance Training is intended to acquaint Finance staff and other organizational leaders with the concepts of Six Sigma, Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ), and the critical nature of the Finance functions role in a successful deployment. Participants will develop methods and standards to calculate COPQ, identify and prioritize projects, recognize savings, track project performance, and reconcile performance gaps to targets.

Course Goal

The goal of this training is to determine how the client’s current financial management system will be used to support the roles of organizational leadership as well as Champions, Black Belts, Green Belts and Yellow Belts in a Six Sigma deployment. In addition, this session will facilitate agreement on Finance’s role in the deployment between the various Finance leaders and other organizational leaders. Finally, through the discussion of Six Sigma tools and their application, participants from the Finance function will begin to understand how the Six Sigma discipline can be applied in their own processes.

Duration: 2 days

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