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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training, Consulting, and Training Materials

Six Sigma Yellow Belt training provides an introduction to process management and the basic tools of Six Sigma.  Yellow Belt candidates gain a strong understanding of processes which enables them to provide meaningful assistance to large scale projects, perform their own more contained performance improvement projects and sustain the gains from both categories of projects.  Specifically, Six Sigma Yellow Belts gain the ability to apply fundamental process improvement methodologies, as well as work with data and metrics. 

During implementation, a Yellow Belt participates as a core team member or subject matter expert on a project or projects, often developing process maps.  In addition to participating in large performance improvement projects, Yellow Belts are often responsible and skilled enough to run smaller process improvement projects.  Since they are the very same people that manage those same processes on an on-going basis, they actually are an integral part of sustaining the gains made during the improvement phase.    Yellow Belts gain the skills necessary to identify, monitor and control profit-eating practices in their own processes, but they are also prepared to feed that information to Black Belts and Green Belts working on larger system projects.

Six Sigma Qualtec offers two different yellow belt programs to focus participants on the tools most important to your type of business, Manufacturing and Services/Transactional Yellow Belt, because each type of business environment has a unique set of processes and requirements.

Manufacturing Yellow Belt

The manufacturing environment requires specific technical problem solving and analytical tools. Six Sigma Qualtec’s Yellow Belt Certification is designed to meet those needs with instruction emphasizes application of skills, requiring candidates to successfully complete a "real world" project while participating in classroom sessions. [Learn More]

Service/Transactional Yellow Belt

Six Sigma Qualtec has pioneered the development of Six Sigma methodology for the services industry, and we continue to lead successful deployments that drive lasting change within the services community. [Learn More]

Immediate Bottom Line Results

Upon completion of training, the Yellow Belt not only has developed superior problem-solving skills that can be immediately applied. Typically, the entire Yellow Belt training investment can be justified by results from the first project. The median return on each Qualtec trained Yellow Belt is $15,000- $20,000 per project.