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Yellow Belt – Objectives

The manufacturing environment requires specific technical problem solving and analytical tools. Six Sigma Qualtec’s Black Belt Certification is designed to meet those needs. Instruction emphasizes application of skills, requiring candidates to successfully complete a "real world" project while participating in classroom sessions.

Course Objectives

  • Translate the selection, application and implementation of a Six Sigma project, including the roles and responsibilities of all team members, to their own work area.

  • Collect appropriate data from their process to support problem solving.

  • Create detailed flowcharts and process maps of processes in order to relay the most accurate information to the organization’s Black Belts.

  • Demonstrate ability to control and monitor processes after course completion.

With Six Sigma Qualtec’s Comprehensive Training, Yellow Belt Training Candidates Will:

  • Build a foundation for breakthrough performance.

  • Understand Six Sigma Methodology including the DMAIC Process.

  • Be empowered to take ownership of their areas and environment.

  • Learn strategies and skills to achieve measurable financial results.

  • Learn to identify and correct problems on an on-going basis.

  • Develop skills to support the organization’s long range strategic goals.

  • Collect data to assist in problem solving.

  • Master tools/techniques required to assist Green Belts and Black Belts in successful deployment of Six Sigma projects.

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Every Yellow Belt candidate receives extensive support throughout the training process.