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Six Sigma Qualtec’s Transactional Black Belt Certification is the first Six Sigma training program designed specifically for professional services providers, transactional businesses and the transactional portions of manufacturing-oriented businesses.

With an emphasis on problem solving, measurement and analytical skills, the program deals in real world applications and business situations. Transactional businesses require specific tool sets that differ from the manufacturing environment. Six Sigma Qualtec’s certification process assures that skills, simulations and demonstration projects are relevant to your business setting.

The Program

Black Belt Certification takes candidates through a proven, step-by-step training course based on the transfer of knowledge and process skills that lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased profit margins, shortened cycle times and reduced costs. Courses are designed to include sophisticated adult learning theory and no-nonsense evaluation of learning success, while constructing the framework for true cultural change within an organization.

Black Belt Certification is a 4-month course involving 20 days of classroom training. Following each one-week course, 4 weeks are devoted to a “real-world” project-driven application in the workplace. Classroom work begins with Six Sigma Qualtec’s Ground School, which covers the fundamentals. At this stage, the project is defined that will be the focus of the Black Belt Training process. Subsequent classroom modules provide intensive instruction on each of the five phases of Six Sigma – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) – in which candidates follow a Plan-Train-Apply-Support-Review (PTASR) model. The final deliverable includes data on project results as well as a plan for sustainability of manufacturing improvements.

Immediate Bottom Line Results

Upon completion of training, the Black Belt not only has developed superior problem-solving skills that can be immediately applied, but has also completed a project that yields significant bottom line savings. Typically, the entire Black Belt training investment can be justified by results from the first project. The median return on each Qualtec trained Black Belt is $100,000 per project.

Enterprise-Wide Deployment: We See the Big Picture

Six Sigma Qualtec is unique in the training industry, providing enterprise-wide training that focuses on overall corporate strategies. An initial assessment is used to map-out specific training and technology needs and to focus implementation on broader corporate objectives. Support continues beyond the training phase, ensuring alignment of all projects and sustainability of process improvements. Qualtec has been involved in building ground-floor process improvement initiatives that have significantly enhanced productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction at world-class companies including Nokia, General Electric, Fannie Mae and Owens Corning.

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Six Sigma Qualtec has both public seminars and onsite training options for many of our training products.

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