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Six Sigma Qualtec pioneered the concept of project support between each phase of Green Belt training and currently enjoys the reputation of being the best in the industry in this critical area.


Real-world application of newly acquired skills is just as important as the training component to the success of a Six Sigma initiative, which is why SSQ recommends execution of a well-defined project for individuals that will be expected to pursue Green Belt projects.  For initial projects to be successful, it is critical that candidates receive mentoring and project support from qualified and experienced practitioners.

The successful execution of these initial projects accomplishes two important goals: First, it allows focus on some early quick wins that will benefit the organization from cultural change perspective, creating momentum to drive the initiative.  Second, if selected and executed properly, these initial projects can create clear and measurable ROI early in the rollout of the performance improvement initiative.


The level of the support required is highly dependent on: 1) the projects selected for execution and 2) the capabilities of the individuals being trained. There is no out-of-the-box answer.  There are guidelines that we can suggest based on our past experience, but the specific support and mentoring model should be deferred until candidates and projects are selected.  SSQ offers several options and models for support and will work with our clients to optimize the cost-benefit equation for this critical component of the deployment.

Regardless of the support model utilized, SSQ utilizes a proven process to assure that our client, the candidate, the SSQ account manager and the instructor for the wave / class are apprised of each candidate’s current status and that each candidate demonstrates their mastery of theory and application of the tools and skills while successfully completing their projects. 

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Six Sigma Qualtec’s Green Belt Certification Training is designed to provide the specific technical problem solving and analytical tools required by your business environment.

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