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Green Belts are employees throughout the organization who execute Six Sigma as part of their overall jobs.  They have less Six Sigma responsibility and their energies are focused on projects that tie directly to their day-to-day work.  Green Belts have two primary tasks: to help deploy the success of Six Sigma techniques and to lead small-scale improvement projects within their respective areas.  Green Belts can do much of the legwork in gathering data and executing experiments in support of a Black Belt project.  As they become more proficient, they can increase the Black Belt’s effectiveness.  

Course Goal

The Six Sigma Qualtec Green Belt course is designed to enhance technical problem-solving skills uniquely focused on service and transactional business situations. Instruction is application focused, therefore requiring all participants to successfully complete a project while completing the classroom portion of the training. The goal of the instruction is knowledge transfer as demonstrated by real-time application of technical problem-solving skills.  Class size is typically 10 to 20 people. 

Course Outline

Session 1 - Define/Measure (4 Days)

A.    Introduction to the Six Sigma Methodology

B.    Project Selection

C.    Why Six Sigma

D.    Six Sigma Deployment

E.     GB Project Leadership

F.     VOC

G.    Product/Process Assessment

H.    Process Mapping

I.     Process Mapping Methods

J.     iGrafx Mapping

K.    Cause & Effect Diagrams

L.     FMEA

M.    Basic Stats

N.    Minitab

O.    Six Sigma Metrics

P.     Decision System Analysis

Q.    Deliverables

Session 2 - Analyze (4 days)

A.    Classes & Causes

B.    Analysis of Distributions

C.    Non-Normality

D.    Process Capability

E.     Components

F.     Graphical Data Analysis

G.    Inferential Stats

H.    Hypothesis Tests

I.     Tests of means

J.     Tests of Variance

K.    Proportions Test

L.     ANOVA

M.    Regression

N.    Deliverables

Session 3 - Improve/Control (3 days)

A.  DOE Intro

B.  DOE Stats

C.  Mistake proofing

D.  Lean fundamentals

E.   Solution and Improvement Selection

F.   Solution Improvement Validation

G.  Statistical process control

H.  Control plan

I.   Deliverables

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Six Sigma Qualtec’s Green Belt Training materials are currently available in English, German, Dutch, Italian and Japanese.

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